Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Accounting for Al Gore

The best explanation for Al Gore yet:

Look at it this way; in early July 1947, a spaceship crewed by extra-terrestrials reportedly crash-landed near Roswell, New Mexico. In late March the following year, almost exactly nine months after the "Roswell Incident", Al Gore was born. Coincidence?

The robotic delivery of his speeches tends to suggest otherwise. As do the strained and un-coordinated body movements, typically suggestive of battery failure.

UPDATE: The "brilliant" Mr. Gore calls President Bush a renegade right-wing extremist in the Guardian no less. Which I suppose is appropriate commentary for the vehicle - otherwise known as populism. A lesson he seems to have learned from President Clinton. Tailor your message to please your audience.

That's the same President Bush, by the way, a large part of whose base is currently furious at him for being totally soft on issues like illegal immigration.


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