Thursday, March 09, 2006

I was Zogby Polled!

So I just got my first call from Zogby to poll my opinions:

One of the questions I was asked about was of interest:

To the best of my recollection, it went like this:
In the next NY State Senatorial election, if the candidates are someone who is hawkish on Iraq and has the same position as President Bush and someone who wants the troops to withdraw, who would you vote for?

Don't you love the wording - the same position as President Bush! Someone out there doesn't much like Hillary I thought to myself. So I argued with the very nice lady on the phone with me and said, "that's a false question. They are obviously talking about Hillary and supposing that a Republican will want to withdraw the troops - which is unlikely - unless they are planning on having two Democrats run for Senate.

Sure enough, the very next question was: If Hillary is running in the next election and another candidate who wants to withdraw troops from Iraq, who would you vote for.

I pointed out once again that it was a specious choice, since a Republican would not be wanting to withdraw troops from Iraq; so they have set the question up to sound like two Democrats once again. So I told them I wouldn't vote for either.

So, this is either a way for a competitor to test Hillary's competitiveness, despite her unpopular position in Iraq. Or the more paranoid view would be that Hillary herself wants to know how detrimental her Iraq position is to her popularity.

I wonder who was sponsoring the poll.

UPDATE: The results of another NY State poll on Hillary.


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