Monday, October 24, 2005

Considering Cameron

An interesting look at how the birth of a son with disabilities has sensitized David Cameron, the emerging favorite for the Tory leadership in Britain, to problems with the structure and shortcomings of British health care.

Note, Ian Birrell, the writer of this piece printed in the Spectator, a conservative paper, is the deputy editor of the Independent, a Labour paper. Knowing very little about how these situations work in Britain except what I've observed casually, I'm wondering about the politics of that bit of cross fertilization. Why does the sympathetic portrait of David Cameron appear in the Spectator, not the Independent? Does he lose creds with his hometeam if he bats, in however limited a fashion, for the other side? Similarly with the criticism of the British national health care system. Are his Independent readers less receptive to such criticisms? But then would they not benefit the most from hearing about such shortcomings?

I'm just speculating wildly here, based on American mores. If anyone if more informed, feel free to comment.

Hat Tip: Clive Davis.


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