Thursday, February 08, 2007

Tim Russert - Boldly Lying on the Stand

A report on the Morning's testimony:

Libby's defense attorney, Wells, continues to grill Russert.

To recap, Russert, being a god, unlike you and me, got special treatment for his "grand jury" testimony. He got to testify in his office, with no jury present and with two lawyers present, his own and NBC's.

Thus is the life of the media gods.

Now they are discussing the letter Russert received detaiing these privileges in court.

Wells, the defense attorney is explicating the letter for Russert and the jury:

From the account in the Maine Web Report

Letter outlines special consideration for Russert that allowed his attorney and NBC’s attorney would be in the room. Wells asks if he understands that to be out of ordinary, that normal procedure is no lawyer in grand jury.

Russert makes the ridiculous claim that he was not aware that this is normal practice.

Wells is kind of incredulous, after reporting all these years you didn’t know that?


You’re an attorney correct?

Non practicing.

Wells moves on. This was a dumb answer by Russert, he obviously knows this like the rest of the world.

On this precise point, Tom Maguire commenting on his own blog, says:
On a good day, the blogosphere would pile up cites of Russert reporting on stories and noting that detail - maybe from the Clinton years, there were plenty of grand jury sotries then.

Are we having a good day?

Tom Maguire's column today on parsing together the direction the defense might take based on testimony from Russert yesterday is not to be missed.

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